Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Little Piece of Home

Last night Mike and I went to the Minnesota Timberwolves game. They were plauing the Jazz and Mike really wanted to go, so since we didn't get to go out for Valentines Day, we decided to make it an evening. We got a babysitter last minute and went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and then on to the game. We were two of about five total people that were rooting for the Jazz, and our enthusiasm wasn't enough. They lost to the Timberwolves, but it was still fun to get to see them play. (Much more fun than watching on TV). I was so glad to get to spend the evening with Mike. He starts a new rotation on Saturday, and we won't be seeing as much of him. We always have a good time when we go out (after, of course, the initial fight). Love you hunny!

This one's for Dan!

Cookies Anyone?

For Family Night on Monday, we decorated Spring/ Easter cookies. Of the course the kids were really into it. Here are some of their creations. Don't they look appetizing?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wisconsin Dells

We got back last night from spending two days in Wisconsin Dells which is about 31/2 hours away. This place is a resort-type town with a lot of indoor (and outdoor in the summer) waterparks. We went with two other couples in our ward and we had a great time. As you can see, the kids loved watching movies on the drive and had a great time at the waterparks. The parks were really geared toward kids, but there were adult slides too. Landon actually ended up getting sick (surprise surprise) and didn't have that much fun on the second day. The bottom picture is one of the windows showing how much snow was piled up outside. But we were nice and toasty on the inside! Hope everyone else had a great weekend too. Love you all!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Silly Silly Landon

My son is so funny! He is constantly making Abbie, Mike and I laugh. All day long, he follows Abbie around and does everything she does. It is so funny to watch him try to do jumping jacks, dance, do cartwheels and whatever else Abs is attempting at the moment. Today it was dressing up. Abbie had a friend over and they were playing up in her room (of course Landon was up there too). After awhile they came down and Landon had stripped off all of his clothes (down to the onesie) and had on the cowboy hat and commenced to do a dance in the living room. It was hysterical. Abbie and I were laughing so hard. I am so grateful for this little guy. He really brightens my day. Love you buddy!

The New Van

Oh, yes...The Hales stepped it up a notch. We have a DVD player in the car. The kids sure think that we have to watch a movie everytime we go somewhere. I'm gonna have to put a stop to that. Half the time the movie doesn't even have time to start before we get to our destination.

This isn't the greatest picture because it is so hard to keep the car clean with all the snow, ice and salt. It looks exactly the same as the other van, just a different color. Thanks for all of your prayers and support through this stressful time in our lives. We are so happy to have found a van that suits us and to eliminate a little bit of the headache that I have everyday in dealing with insurace people, doctors appointments and the overall pain from my injuries. We really are very blessed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Foiled Again

So Here's the story...for some reason, Mike and I really wanted to go to Benihana on Valentines Day the first year that we were married. Well, I called several days before to try and get a reservation and the lady almost laughed at me over the phone. She said there were no tables left and that I would have to call weeks in advance next time. Well, the next year we wanted to try again, but couldn't go for some reason and it just kind of became an obsessin. The next year we had just had Abbie and I couldn't leave her for that long and the following years we were in Ohio and I don't even know if they had a Benihana there. Anyways, we move here to Minnesota and there is a Benihana literally two miles from our house. Well, as a good wife should, I got on the phone about two weeks into January and made reservations for us to go on Valentines Day. I got a babysitter from the ward the we've had sit for the kids a few times. We were defiitely going this time...7 years later mind you. And then come Wednesday night, I got a phone call from the baysitter telling me that she had been sick all week and that she could not babysit the following day. I was very understanding, but we had no other options. I was not going to ask any of our friends last minute and besides that, they were all probably doing something either by themselves or with their kids. Mike suggested that we take the kids and go out to eat, but I just couldn't picture Valentines Day fighting with my children over dinner...I mean we do that every other day of the year. We opted to stay in and cook dinner and save Benihana for another time....maybe next year! I guess we'll get there eventually. Hope everyone had a great V-Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tagged by Breezy-D!

Full name: Michael Aaron Hale
How long have you been married: 71/2 years
How long did we date: We dated for 6 months and were engaged for 3months

Who said I love you first: Mike

Who is taller: Mike

Who sings better: That's a toss up.
Who's smarter: Mike. But I have more common sense!

Who does the laundry: Me. Every d--- day

Who pays the bills: I do now and I HATE it.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Mike. and my side of the bed is really close to the wall
and I have to shimmie along the wall everynight to get into bed. It's really annoying!
Who mows the lawn: Me

Who cooks dinner: Me

Who drives: Me. It is a source of contention otherwise.

Who's more stubborn: I would say it's about equal.
Who kissed who first:Mike kissed me first after several failed attempts.

Who asked who out first: Mike. We had actually never met fomally, but had seen each other and he just called and asked me out.

Who proposed: Mike

Who has more siblings: There are 5 kids in each of our families

Who wears the pants on the family: Definitely me and Mike will be the first one to admit it.

I tag: Mom, Dana, Amy, Camie, Gaby and Laura!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Catching Up

Ok, so this is waht's been going on with sister came to visit two weeks ago and we had a blast. We played with the kids everyday and went out and did things almost everyday. (to see pictures please visit Jenny's Blog as I did not take one picture while she was here. Anyways, on the day before she had to go home, we were driving home from being at the Children's Mueseum for like three hours and we were in a car crash. I was turning left at a green light (I had two witnesses that stopped and confirmed that my light was green) and some lady ran a red light and just plowed right into us. She hit us on the front drivers side. We were all ok. I hit my head on the window really hard and got some pretty serious whiplash. Jenny got caught by the seatbelt and is pretty bruised. The kids are both fine. Abbie was scared at first and was crying, but we talked about seatbelts and this is why we wear them. I ended up going to the emergency room in the ambulance and Jen took the kids home with the help of my friend Rachel. It has been a week now and we are just getting word that the van is we are back to van shopping. We've only had the van for two years. I'm really sad. Abbie cried when I told her we were not getting it back. Hopefully we'll get something that is equivalent and not have to settle for something less. I'll post pics when we find something. We are actually in pretty good spirits. We know that we were so blessed by the Lord to not be seriously injured or killed in that accident. What we're going through now is small potatoes compared to what could have been. I told Jen that she wasn't invited up here aymore. Last time she was here, the bridge collapsed! She's cursed I tell ya!