Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Silliest girl in the world! Abbie has a number of "poses" that she does when I
ask her to smile. This one actually turned out cute!

Our choo choo boy! He loves his trains. We went to a small, but very cute zoo in St. Paul a few weeks ago and Landon sniffed out the train. We couldn't do anything else until he had a ride on it!

Summer is coming to a very rapid close here in the great North. It will be much cooler within a month. We have loved our first Summer here in Minneapolis. We have found a lot of very cool things to do, and hopefully there are just as many for the winter.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We went to Utah for three weeks to escape Mike's crazy schedule. We had a great time hanging out with family and friends and most of all, swimming in Papa's pool. Abbie learned how to swim (thanks Rach!) while we were there and is no longer afraid to go under the water. Abbie also loved holding and getting to know her new cousin Andrew. Landons favorite thing to do while we were there was to chase the neighbors cat. He knew right where the cat would hide and follow it around forever. He also loved to swim. He was constantly trying to get my hands off of him while in the water because he thinks that he can swim. He doesn't even care if he goes all the way under. He's a crazy boy! We managed to be gone for just the right amount of time. Mike was pretty anxious to see us by the time we got home. Mom and Jenny came back with me and stayed for a week. We had a great time.

We are still trying to adjust here in Minneapolis. We have really gotten to know the area well, but we are not used to Mike's schedule. He still does not get home most nights until abou 8:30. This is hard for the kids, because they don't get to see him too often. They are hanging in there though. I am trying to adjust to life literally without a husband. I really do not know how single moms do it. I have made some friends here and we hang out, but it's lonley not having a husband around in the evening hours. At this point, it's not even so much about the help as it is the company. We are still loving Minneapolis, however. I'm glad to say that none of us were involved in the bridge collapse a few weeks ago. It is a horrible thing and has made the traffic horrific around here. On a good note, Mike is loving Oral Surgery. He loves the work he gets to do on the patients. He does not, however, love being the peon and bottom of the totem pole. I told him that's just how residency's are and once he gains some seniority, that will change. He knows this to be true and hopes that it turns out that way. We are gearing up for preschool (only 5 weeks left) to start. I have enrolled Abbie in five-day per week preschool which will come as some great stimulation for her and a much needed break for me. I'll be sure to send pictures of her first day. We hope everyone is doing well. We love you all!