Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday Night Brownies!!!

Mmmmmmm. Brownies! Thanks for the cute shirts Aunt Elaine!!

A Closer Look at a Minnesota Winter.

These icecicles are right above our back sliding door. They hang down far enough that I almost have to duck when coming out. Crazy!
rediculous amounts of snow!
Okay, so for as much as we've complained and for as cold as it really is is also beautiful! We have found the most incredible icecicles on our house. This one goes all the way to the ground. I've actually at times been a little afraid because some of the icecicles are really big and thick and would really hurt, or seriously injure me or my children, should they fall. The kids think they are SO cool! Abbie always asks me to "pick" one for her.

The Next Michelle Kwan

Abbie got some new ice skates for her Birthday, and it's all she and Mike have been doing lately. As soon as Mike walkes in the door everyday (except for lately, because it's been way too cold...see above post) he and Abbie get their gear on, find their skates and hit the ice. There is an ice skating rink at almost all of the area parks. She really enjoys spending time with her dad and she is actually getting pretty good. Mike on the other hand...... not so much. Maybe Abbie could show him a thing or two!
Just kidding!! Mike is doing fact, the other day it was too cold to take Abbie, but Mike still wanted to go. He went skating all alone. Can you say Scott Hamilton?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Abbie!!!

The day came and went without harm or accident........the big bowling party! Abbie has wanted a bowling Birthday party for several months now, and it's all we've been talking about around here. It was bigger and more exciting that Christmas, but not quite as exciting as pajama day at school. We had a great time! Abbie with some of her Minnesota friends...Kaitlyn, Maggie, Ella and Emma.
The whole gang enjoying yummy bowling alley food! Abbie on her actual Birthday. I am glad there are photos of this because as many of you know I was VERY sick and did not join my family for the festivities. I could hear them though....from my bed. A special thanks to my husband for being the shining star of the week. He took over the house duties for five days while I was out of commission and even had to call in sick to work. I love you Mike! You're the best. He also put on a great party for Abbie so her Birthday wasn't completely ruined. Hope everyone had a great New Year's. I didn't enjoy it, but it always reminds me of how thankful I am for my special little girl. I love you Abbie!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I can't believe there is snow in Minnestota

It doesn't get much more fun than good old fashioned fun in the snow with those you love.