Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here's what we've been up to......

Abbie decided a few weeks ago that she wanted her hair cut short...well, the lady that did it went a little overboard and I had a few moments of panick, but it turned out really cute. She loves it and says that she always wants to have her hair like this. It's definitly easier to brush that's for sure!
We were lucky enough to get some family up to visit for a week. Scott, Laura, Jordan and Annie made the long drive up from Utah and stayed for 7 days. We had such a blast! Here is Scott and the kids at the Mall.We went to drive go-carts the first night they were here. The kids absolutely loved it! I actually even rode too. It looked like too much fun...I couldn't resist. I also dominated on the course!!! I hope the baby didn't get too jostled was pretty bumpy.
On their last night here, we went to the Twins game. They were playing the Yankees. We ate tons of ballpark food, and stayed up way to late. I don't think the kids got to bed until after midnight. It was so fun!!! Ewwww Jordan decided to shave a mustache right before they went home.Annie and Abbie enjoying the game and eatin cotton candy!

And last, but not least....this is what has been consuming me for this week. Mike and I decided that it was time to potty train Landon. We want him out of diapers before he starts Sunbeams next year and I certainly don't want to be doing this once I have the baby. He is doing really well. Abbie was really easy to potty train, and I know it won't be like that, but I think he is getting the hang of it. Here he is watching Harry Potter while attempting to pee.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Park

Last Sunday was one of the muggiest days we have had so far this summer, so what does my husband want to do?.......... go outside of course. I just sat there the whole time not moving, but sweating to death! I didn't think the kids would last long because it was so hot, but of course we had to pry them away from the playground after about an hour and a half. Mike thought it was really funny to take pictures of me in a grouchy, pregnant state. Yea, it was real hilarious, and no you will not be seeing those pictures. As you can see, in the above picture, Abbie's arm is doing well. She was able to do the monkey bars and is swimming like a fish at the pool. The forecast for this week is in the 90's and fairly humid. We have really lucked out this summer so far. The temperature has stayed in the 80's and we have had very few humid days. Looks like August is about to change all that. AAAAAAAAAGH!!!