Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good things come to those who wait!

So here we are, nine months after we bought Abbie a bike for her birthday and she is finally riding it. She decided that she was going to ride little "push with your feet" bikes because her princess bike is too big. All summer she was trailing behind all of her friends while they rode their big bikes. She didn't care though. She was too scared to get on her bike. Mike and I tried everything to get her to ride that bike. We were starting to think that we wasted $30. Then today, I turned around and she was rinding her bike. Very slowly mind you, but she was riding. It is amazing what kids will do on their own time. Little stinker!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

forgot to send these pictures with my other post. Abbie at preschool and Landon's chocolate episode on his birthday!

Love, Erin

Hey everyone! We decided to join the crowd and create a blog. All is well here in Ohio. We miss all of our families and friends. The kids are doing great. Abbie streted preschool a couple of weeks ago and is loving it. Landon just turned one a rew days ago. Mike has been on break from school this past week and goes back on Monday. He and I are headed to the Osio State/Penn State game today. Hope it doesn't rain too bad on us. I will try to keep this site updated for everyone. We love you all!

Mike, Erin,Abbie and Landon