Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Abbie turns 6!

At the risk of feeling like a horrible mother I will blog about my daughters birthday two weeks late. Since Abs had a party last year, I told her that this year we would not be having a party, but that she could do whatever she wanted to that day. My hopes in doing this, were to be spending less money. Leave it up to MY daughter to choose Mall of America. The wristbands for the rides there are $30 a piece, thus no money fact more money spent. Luckily Papa was in town. Thank you Brent for everything! We had a really fun night at the mall riding rides, having a birthday dinner at Tony Romas, and laughing our heads off. I was glad I finally got to go on the rides. I was pregnant the last two times we went there. Sandra was nice enough to stay with Noah while we all went on the rides. I know it was a HUGE sacrifice for her! Yeah right. We came home and sang happy birthday to Abs and let her open her presents. (We didn't leave the mall until 11:30 that night. My kids got to see the ball was awesome!) It was a great day. We love you Abbie!

Houston, We Have A Problem....

Friday, January 09, 2009

Year in Review

So, I got this idea from my cousin's blog (thanks Susan). Best pictures of 2008!

January- Surviving our first Winter

February-Trip to Wisconsin Dells

March-Trip to Utah

April-Still cold enough to snow on the 26th

May- Mothers Day 2008

June-Abbie being crabby about getting pic. taken

July-I rarely get a non-goofy picture of Mike

August-family came to visit

September-Abbie's first day of school

October-? (I just love it!)

November-Landon meeting Noah

December-Christmas with Gma. Papa and Annie

We had such a great year in 2008! Thank you to everyone who helped out, came to visit and kept me sane! We love you all. Bring it on 2009!!!