Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bloggers Beware!

Mike is logging on to the Blogging world lately and posting comments on people's Blogs. Watch out for his devious, not-funny comments. Just because it says "Mike and Erin Hale", does NOT mean I (Erin) left the comment. He's very sneaky. I'm thinking about changing my password.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Disney On Ice

Since Abbie got to go to The Nutcracker with me in December, I thought I would take Landon on a date too. What's better than Disney on Ice for a three year old? And let me tell you, Disney is not doing too bad in these hard economic times....$16.00-$40.00 per ticket (x about 6,000 people), $10 for cotton candy, $6 for popcorn, $4.25 for a 16oz. soda, $24 for a light-up sword, etc. I was appalled at how much these things cost, but even more appalled at the amount of some of these items parents were buying for their kids. Most of the people I saw had to have dropped several hundred dollars on toys and treats. I'm glad that there are plenty of people who still have jobs and can afford these things for their children, but Landon had just as much fun with convenient store candy and a bottle of water that I snuck in. I love my little man!