Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Noah (aka "Chip"),
You're gonna be that kid huh? The one who is constantly getting hurt. Our broken bones, stitches, no fear kid. Kind of like your Uncle Scott. That makes my stomach turn just writing it. (Sorry Rach, your kids have no chance). Next time (and I know there will be one) remember these words....."close your mouth when you fall, close your mouth when you fall."

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dear Easter Bunny,
Thank you for coming and bringing us candy and presents. We were so excited, you would have
thought it was Christmas morning. Abbie loved her new jumprope, Landon played with his new puzzles all day, and Noah ate easter grass. You were a really good hider this year. The kids actually found their baskets rather quickly, but I for some reason could not find mine. I guess you put a lot of extra thought into my hiding spot, or maybe you were just being an obnoxious taunting butt! Whatever the case, I finally found it, way after everyone else and I appreciate the treats and gifts. We also enjoyed the egg hunt. Again, you were a spectacular hider. So, good in fact that the kids were almost in tears because they couldn't find ANY of the eggs. Mike helped out though. For some reason he seemed to know where most of them were hidden. (sigh) I'm exhausted. It was a great weekend.
P.S. also, thanks for coming on Conference weekend. It made it all the more special to be in pajamas all day!