Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Day of Fun at the Apple Orchard

Tha Honeycrisp apples are my favorite, but I guess that didn't matter because they were Landon's favorite too and he would not give it back to me. I did get at least one bite though. Yummy!!

Abbie is a true Hale. She has no fear when it comes to jumping or sliding off of things. There was an giant pile of hay at the pumpkin farm and the kids had a great time climbing and jumping. Landon tried, but could not quite jump as far out as Abbie could.

Okay, so funny story. I put this picture on so that everyone could see how dilligently Mike was looking for the perfect pumpkin. I showed him a few that I thought were really good, but evidently they were not good enough for him. He wanted one with a good stem. Well, he couldn't find one and finally just ended up getting one that was pre-picked up at the front where you purchase everything. It really was a beatiful pumpkin with a great stem. When we got home and opened the trunk, however the pumpkin had been rolling around so much that the stem had broken off. He was so mad. I laughed and laughed and I am still laughting even now as I write this. That's what he gets for being so picky. Ha Ha!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Fun

We have this problem called squirrels here in Minnesota. There must be a family of them that live in our yard, because as you can see in the background, they think we put that pumpkin out for them to snack on. I guess it's a pretty common thing that the squirrels eat the pumpkins. People have told me that you have to carve your pumpkins the night before, and only put them out on Halloween. Darn Rodents!
Abbie and our neighbor Alex having fun in the leaves!
We had the best day on Sturday jumping in the leaves and enjoying what I can only assume will be one of the last semi-warm days this year. Mike was off all day and he went out to mow the lawn, but before he could do that, he an Abbie had to rake up all of the leaves on our lawn. We have a huge Red Oak in the front yard, and the leaves literally covered the grass. The pile that they made was taller than Abbie. I love Fall!!!

We had a great time doing Halloween cookies with our friends the other day. The kids are getting really good at spreading the frosting and decorating, Even Landon can frost his own cookie and yes, he got a haircut.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

OH -- IO

Once a Buckey, always a Buckey!! Even though Mike and I live in Minnesota now, we are still faithful to our Buckeyes. They came into town last Saturday, and we were there to cheer them on to victory over the Gophers. It was our first date in four months! We had a great time and even found another little group of Buckeye fans to sit with. We did think the Minnesota M that the band made was pretty cool though, I mean nothing compared to the Best Damn Band in the Land, but still cool. Seeing the Buckeyes made me really homesick for Columbus. We really miss everyone and especially our friends that are still there, getting to go to every game. Enjoy it while you can kids...there ain't nothin like it!!