Monday, June 29, 2009

New Bike, Old Bike

There's really nothing GREAT about being the second child. You never get anything new and if the hand-me-down is gender specific, you have to use it anyway. Mike thought making Landon ride Abbie's Princess bike was taking it a little too far, so on Saturday when we finally bought Abbie a new bike, he went right to the Hardware store and bought spray paint. The end result........not too bad and the boy looks happy right?

Now, if he can only learn to ride it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lake Powell and Utah visit

Peyton, Cayden, Zach, Brandon, Savannah and Abbie. In my mind these kids are all still babies. It was really weird (but so fun) to see them all so grown up.
Abbie and her cousin Brady at Chuck E Cheese.

Me and the kids behind the boat at Lake Powell. Abbie was not thrilled, but Landon kept yelling "faster!"

This was probably Landon's favorite thing to do at the lake......throw rocks in the water. That and look for lizards.

So, we've got this huge Lake to swim in, and where do Abs and Landon want to swim? The tiny pool Sandra brought for Noah. They seriously stayed in there for an hour.

They eventually did get in though, and they loved it!!!

My Lake Powell Girl!

More pics to come. I have to wait for Papa to send me the DVD's with all 1,400 pictures on them. Yeah, he's picture crazy!