Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Know, I know it's been way too long....

Here it is Jen...the updated Blog you've been waiting for. Here's what's been going on with us. We went to Disney World at the end of January. Mike's dad was a guest speaker at a conference in Orlando, so he invited us down too. We went to all four major parks and hit a a water park too. It was heaven. We got out of the frozen North and made our way down to Sunny Florida for six days. Abbie got to meet Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse and some other characters that she loves. We were tired by the end, but had a blast!

When we got back from Florida we were met with almost three straight weeks of below or slightly above zero temperatures. We also had a pretty mean snow storm on Valentines day. It turned out to be fun though because Ohio State was cancelled as was every other school in the city and we played in the snow with all of our friends. We had hot chocolate and valentine's cookies. The kids loved having Mike home. Later that month we flew home to Utah for Mike's brothers wedding. Scott and Rachel looked so good. It snowed the morning of their wedding and all through the picture-taking. It was beautiful! I wish I had some pictures of it!! You'll have to settle for some pictures of the kids in the snow on Valentines Day!

In March Mike and I went with 8 other couples on a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. We went to San Juan Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau Bahamas. Talk about heaven. No kids, all the food you can eat, beautiful islands oh and did I mention no kids!!! I needed a break. We went during Spring Break ( all the other husbands are in school with Mike). We had a great week. We snorkeled, layed out, slept and shopped a lot. By the time we returned,we were golden brown (don't worry it's faded already) and anxious to see our kids. My mom stayed here with my kids for 10 days. She was a real trooper. Landon had to go to the Doctor twice and was sick the entire time we were gone. I'm glad I didn't know! Thanks mom!!

Now everyone is caught up. (I'll save Easter for another post). Love to all!!!